Gov. Perry’s New Book Criticizes Federal Government

If  Governor Rick Perry really wants to be President, writing a book critical of  Washington is one way to get national attention.

An excerpt from “Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America From Washington” was released Monday afternoon while the governor was travelling Texas campaigning for a third term.

Perry says he plans to launch a book tour after all the votes are counted on election day.

In the book, Perry blasts the federal government while touting the value of state’s rights.

The Bill White campaign quickly sent out a media release with the title, “Will Perry’s remarks (in the book) hurt him on election day.

According to the campaign, Perry calls Social Security a failure and compares it to a Ponzi scheme,.

“Rick Perry’s popping off again to earn a headline, but there’s a serious question about what this means for so many Texans who contributed to and rely on social security,” said Bill White.  “Is Perry saying he wants to abolish Social Security?”

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