Is Rick Perry Too Chicken to Debate or Is Bill White Hiding Something?

On Thursday, Governor Rick Perry attended a fundraiser in Houston sponsored by a group of  young professionals.

While he was inside collecting campaign cash, someone dressed up in a chicken suit stood outside the venue making clucking sounds and holding a sign with the message, “Texans deserve a debate.”

Earlier in the day, Governor Perry told me that he isn’t afraid to debate his democrat opponent, former Houston Mayor Bill White.

Perry reiterated his call for White to release his income tax returns from the period covering the time White served as deputy U.S. energy secretary and Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party.

White, who has already released his tax returns covering the six years he was Mayor of  Houston, says  his financial records are an open book and he has  no plans to release anything else. 

If this back and forth continues , it looks like voters will be the real  losers.

There are no debates scheduled between the two major candidates before election day.

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