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Saving a Cemetery
November 14, 2008

It is as beautiful as it is mysterious.

Olivewood Cemetery was the first African American burial ground in Houston.

Established in 1875, Olivewood is the final resting place for former slaves, freedmen and women and prominent members of the community. 

Last year, 2 on the Beat had an opportunity to report for the Eyes of Texas about Descendants of Olivewood Inc. and the group’s struggle to gain control of the property.

I just received word that earlier this week, State District Judge Mark Davidson signed an order granting guardianship of the cemetery to the group.

This means the Descendants will be able to focus on restoring the sacred site, and returning the cemetery to a dignified and respectful state.

Over the years the cemetery has been neglected, while different groups fought over ownership.

The Descendants of Olivewood and other volunteers cleared brush, and in the process uncovered dozens of fascninating headstones and memorial statues.