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Could PUMA Take a Bite Out of Obama’s Spotlight?
August 22, 2008

They call themselves PUMA, which stands for Party Unity My A**.

The PUMA members are loyal supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton, and they’re angry that she is  not going to be the Democratic Party nominee for president. 

The PUMA Logo

The PUMA Logo

Just days before the start of the convention in Denver the group is sending out a massive number of e-mails targeting Clinton national convention delegates like Houstonion Teresa Herrin.

Clinton Delegate Teresa Herrin saying no to "PUMA"

Clinton Delegate Teresa Herrin saying no to "PUMA"

Herrin told 2 on the Beat that the emails are encouraging her to stand firm in her support of  Senator Clinton in an effort to block Senator Obama’s nomination. 

Herrin says she appreciates PUMA’s efforts, but she is prepared to support Senator Obama AFTER a  roll call vote for Senator Clinton.

The roll call  will allow delegates like Herrin to stand up and represent the 18 million voters who cast their ballots for Clinton during the presidential primary.

So for now, Herrin plans to just say no to PUMA.